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The more you KNOW, The more you will ACHIEVE.


  • Don’t wait another minute, we will keep you informed on your PROGRESS.
  • Body Composition analysis to monitor your fats & lean muscle percentage.
  • Girth measurements to keep you motivated and excited about your weight loss and fitness journey.

EXPERT advice on how you are progressing and what you should be doing to the FASTEST results.
In Shape Ladies Fitness Club wants to help YOU set fitness goals that you can achieve with our FREE Unlimited Monthly Basic Consultation!

As a professional ladies only gym we know that when you are setting your fitness goals you must get SMART and put these five elements into action!!!

  1. A specific goal would be to lose weight!!
  2. A measurable goal would be to lose 15KGs!
  3. An attainable goal is to achieve it in 3 months!
  4. A relevant goal is creating a goal with some type of motivation attached to it, like I want to lose 15KG in three months to be ready for my wedding!
  5. A timely goal is being strict about a deadline—doing so creates urgency!

So to keep you MOTIVATED and FOCUSED on your SMART goals we would like to give you this opportunity to make your MAGICAL journey a SUCCESS!!

BOOK yourself in NOW and EVERY month for your BASIC consultation and FOLLOW UPS for as long as you NEED to. Get accurate readings, measurements and fitness and nutrition advice every time to keep you on track!

“Nothing speaks louder than self-monitoring and progress assessments to get the job done.”

Whether you are a member with another GYM or you TRAIN with another trainer this service is available to YOU!

WE are HERE for you as long as YOU need us to be……….