Workout in a personal friendly atmosphere, and get the most from the latest fitness trends, group workouts and passionate dedicated support from our certified personal trainers. Your women gym membership includes everything you need to make a fitness lifestyle.



You’ll find everything you need to get fit and stay motivated at In Shape Lawomen gym membershipdies Fitness Club. From fully equipped gym floor and group exercise classes to our expert team of personal trainers, In Shape’s gym membership supports you to stay on track with your fitness lifestyle.

In Shape Ladies Fitness Club membership is all about you and your personal fitness, image and health goals. Our programs and facilities focus on your entire well-being, achieving the perfect balance for you.

At In Shape, you’ll find a dedicated team geared to work with you to create a comprehensive self-assessment. Together, we’ll develop a total fitness and nutrition strategy designed specifically to meet your needs.

In Shape membership offers something for everyone no matter what your budget we have a healthy solution for you.

 Monthly, 3 months, 6 months and yearly gym memberships.

Gym Memberships

vip ladies gym membership
1. VIP Membership
: (learn to train like a pro)

This membership is more than a membership to use the facility and group classes it is a training program that will result in a total body and lifestyle transformation. It is a cost-effective training program creating big savings on personal training fees and time commitment.

This membership makes sure that over time you are:

• Fully aware of your body and its needs.
• Knowledgeable in basic strength training methods.
• Knowledge about your food and nutrition.
• Able to use a variety of equipment in the gym correctly and efficiently.
• Understanding the different types of training methods, such as HIIT, Cross training …
• Can easily read a training log & knows all the training terminologies used in a gym (machines & muscle groups).

This program not only has transformed the way women train in the gym, it has delivered great results, it has been so successful over the years! We call it “The Star Program”

2. Basic Membership:

This membership is for the woman that knows her way around the gym or just want to join our unique group fitness program.

It includes the following:

  • A full gym induction to ensure the member can efficiently, safely & correctly use all the strength & cardio machines
  • A personal training session is conducted to maintain correct technique and form.
  • A printed workout is made available to the member if she so wishes to train in the gym.
  • Members have access to the gym & unlimited participation in the group fitness classes.


All memberships are offered in monthly, quarterly, semi-manually  & annually.


other Benefits of joining In Shape includes:

  • Personal, friendly and un-intimidating atmosphere.
  • Inspiring and motivating team to help you reach your goals.
  • Unlimited Group Classes.
  • The latest innovation in the fitness industry.
  • State-of-the-art modern club.
  • Five-star customer service.
  • Personal training.

 Weight Loss Programs

The 4 Week “Get Back on Track” Weight Loss Program:weight loss program

This program guarantees 4-5kg weight loss in four weeks and it includes:

  • An extensive 60 minute fitness consultation to discuss3. health related issues, current physical
    fitness and fitness history of the client.
  • A body composition analysis & body measurements are conducted & remain on file to be followed up every week.
  • Members are supplied with an eating plan that encourages healthy eating habits, quantity and portion control to achieve their goals.
  • 4 Personal Training Sessions (2 for every 2 weeks) to ensure that the client can follow the workout safely, correctly & efficiently)
  • 6 training days in the gym to ensure the proper volume of training required to achieve the desired weight loss!!


The “12 Week Body Transformation” program

This is an amazing program because it is designed to take the client step by step through a progressive training program coupled with healthy eating habits, quantity and portion control to achieve their goals.

It includes 4-6 strength & cardio workouts a week (with a personal trainer) to make sure the client is performing the desired volume of work efficiently!

Every 4 weeks the client will be followed up, weighed & measured to make sure she is following all our nutrition guidelines.

Every four weeks there will be a change in the training program to achieve the desired fat loss and lean muscle gain that will both transform her body shape and boost her metabolism!

For more details please contact us now!!!

There are 32 comments
  1. vivian

    can i joined this boddy shape im interested im her in al ain how and where?

    • Laila Lallas

      Dear Vivian
      Body Shape-n-Tone runs at 8:45 on Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday. Saturdsy at 11:00am & Monday at 5:30pm.You can very easily download our free 7 day voucher and the classes out. Look forward to seeing you at In Shape “Where Fitness is Personal”

  2. nurul islam

    i intersting

    • Laila Lallas

      We didn’t quite understand what you would like to know. Please call us on 043211027 / 0501888586 if you need to know more about In Shape Ladies Fitness Club and it’s services !

  3. Shernalyn

    Im more interested

    • Laila Lallas

      Dear Shernalyn
      How can we help you ? Your message was not clear. Please call us on 043211027 / 0501888586 if you need to know more about In Shape and it’s services !

  4. Bisma Naim


    Are there any swimming classes?

    • inshape

      No Unfortunately we don’t have swimming in our new location

  5. Safiyyah

    I am interested. but I have work from 9am-6pm Sun-Thurs and 9am-2pm on Sat… 🙁 how can I join? Can I avail flexible time? If yes, then kindly quote me for 3 months membership.

    • Laila Lallas

      Dear Safiyya
      We run classes from 7:00 am to 7:40 pm. The gym is open from 7:00am to 9:00pm. We also have the VIP membership that allows you to workout in the gym anytime you want ! Also if you have access to a gym in your building we have the Train, Print & Go 3 month starter kit. Please call us on 043211027 / 0501888586 to get all the relevant information!

  6. Farheen

    Hi do you have yoga classes as well?? Also where are you located? I live in ghusais, any transportation provided.. Can u also let me knw the charges for personal membership. Thanks

    • Laila Lallas

      Hello Farheen
      We are located on Sheikh Zayed Road next to Ace Hardware. We run BodyBalance Vitual classes that are a mix of Pilatesm Yoga & Tai Chi.

  7. Amanda

    how much does the vip membership cost.

    • Laila Lallas

      Dear Amanda
      Thank you for your inquiry about the VIP membership. It is our signature membership & to get all the information you require please call us on 043211027 / 0501888586 for prices and how this membership works ! Looking forward to seeing you at In Shape “Where Fitness is Personal ” 🙂

  8. Samia

    how much is the VIP membership (Annually)

    • Laila Lallas

      Hi Samia
      Thank you for your interest in the VIP membership. It is our signature program ! Please call one of our fitness consultants on 043211027 / 0501888586 so that she can explain in detail how it works 🙂 You can also book a FREE consultation to get advice on wgwhat suits your budget and current fitness level.

  9. Rafif

    HI ,
    i want to ask do you offer an intensive workout for 3 weeks , for more than hours ..? to achive wt loss for more than or equal to 10 kg of body fat ..?

    • Laila Lallas

      Dear Rafif
      We have amazing packages and weight loss programs ! Please contact us on 043211027 / 0501888586 and speak to one of our fitness consultants ☺

  10. krisnalyn

    are you open during friday?

    • Laila Lallas

      Hi there! No unfortunately Friday is our day off ☺

  11. Aasma Aslam

    I am interested in group classes after 3.30 .Do you have a 7 day pass for that so I can try it out ?


    • Laila Lallas

      We currently run virtual classes during the time you want. You can easily come in and sign up for 7 days free. Hope to see you soon ☺

  12. Salma

    How much is a basic member ship for one month?
    And do you have classes like zumba etc..

    • inshape

      Dear Salma
      Our gym & group fitness class membership is aed 720
      Yes we offer Zumbalicious classes
      You can try before you buy by signing up for our FREE 7 DAY GUEST PASS

      Laila Lallas

  13. Sheryl

    Where is your location? I’m interested for the 7days pass to try. Thanks

    • inshape

      Hi Sheryl
      We are located on the Times Square Service Road in Al Joud Building next to Ace Hardware above Tom & Serge restaurant on the mezzanine floor offices 6 & 7
      Just come in a sign up as our guest for 7 days!

      Laila Lallas

  14. Uthira

    Hi… I wanna join a gym for weight increase.. so kindly could you suggest me for the packages for 3 months…

    • inshape

      Hi Uthira
      We have flexible memberships (1,3,6.12) months
      We will conduct a consultation and then advise you on your options
      We have 3 different kinds of memberships
      1. gym only
      2. gym / Group Fitness Classes
      3. Train Like A Pro VIP membership
      and Personal Training Packages
      All these options will entail proper training & nutrition guidelines
      If you need more help please call us on 0544042828 and book in for a free consultation and free personal training session
      Laila Lallas

  15. Princy

    I am overweight and I want to loose my weight will to help me

    • inshape

      Hi Princy
      You have reached out to the right gym !! We are the experts when it comes to weight loss and toning your body. Please give us a call on 0544042828 to book you in for a consultation with one of our fitness consultants

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