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“Exciting! Fun!Unique” is the only way to describe our trendy group fitness classes that are designed by women for Dubai women. Keeping up with all the latest crazes in fitness our classes appeal to women of all ages and fitness levels.



Whether it’s weight loss, conditioning, exercise performance, or overall appearance and well being our trainers will guide you to achieve the result you want


Over the years, weight loss where we have excelled! and have made an amazing impact on so many Dubai women’s lives….

Their successful journey has been nurtured with our continuous motivation and implemented with our specialized fat loss training programs that are coupled with a specific nutrition plan which is designed to create a slimmer, fitter more confident woman….


In Shape Ladies Fitness Club

4 Key Tips on How to Get Motivated to Exercise!!

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4 Key Tips on How to Get Motivated to Exercise!! Your attitude and mindset will determine your success in training. No matter who you are, a positive mindset is crucial to being the best version of you. Anything worth getting isn’t easy, and staying strong mentally will make or break you in training sessions and

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10 Ways to measure FITNESS progress correctly

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10 Ways to measure FITNESS progress correctly Use clothing as your guide. If you usually wear a bigger size and now you weigh more or the same but clothing are loose = GOOD Check yourhair, skin and nails. Stronger, clearer = GREAT! Strength in the gym goes up overall, in all rep ranges depending on

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Fitness at In Shape

The female-only environment of In Shape Ladies Fitness Club means that you’ll be totally comfortable working out with us. In Shape offers fun solutions to those embarking on the journey to better health, and our staff are relentless in their pursuit in offering exceptional customer service. The Club is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and staffed

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