Established in 2009, In Shape Ladies Fitness Club is a ladies only personal training gym offering philosophy and methodology that large commercial facilities cannot. 

We provide a safe space for women to exercise in an environment that provides privacy, support, and comfort.

In Shape Ladies Fitness Club is unique because our model has incorporated a fitness facility that provides a professionally designed full line of equipment into a gym environment with a cosy professional feel.

We specialize in 1-on-1 Personal Training and has built training systems focused on personal care and a woman’s individual personal needs.

We offer various training programs geared towards our mission to help our clientele get the results they want while embracing a complete wellness experience. 

Our main goal is to provide women with a personalized gym and customized training program to change their daily routines to become fit, strong, and confident.

Putting it simply, “We help them make improved lifestyle choices to lead happy lives.” 

Build your BODY transform your LIFE