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  5 HORMONES THAT ARE AFFECTED BY TRAINING… Hormones are one of your body’s main signaling systems. They are like tiny traffic cops: They direct biochemical messages that regulate everything from your sex drive to your metabolism, mood, sleep, and fertility. One natural way to help keep your hormones in balance, is through exercise—and it’s […]

Benefits of Weight Training for Women

If your workouts currently consist of high energy or yoga classes and you haven’t seen the results you have aimed for, you should look at resistance training and weight training. People will tell you that weight training can make women look bulky from building muscle, and it is dangerous or and muscle turning into fat […]

How to Work Out at Home

Stuck at home and can’t get to the gym, don’t worry! You can still have a great strength training home workout routine, even without access to fancy equipment. Creating a Healthy Home Workout Routine Establish a regular workout schedule. It’s easier to stick to the workout process if you establish a consistent routine. Aim to […]