In Shape Ladies Fitness Club has the right to cancel your gym membership in case of any suspicious order transactions. Auto cancellation may also be triggered by In Shape Ladies Fitness Club in case of any improper order placement like incomplete address and/or due to any technical difficulties. Processing fee will not be refunded during cancellation.

  • Customers can cancel their membership within 48 hours from the time of purchase.
  • Cancellation will be allowed only if the member has not visited the centre and completed the registration
  • Member can also transfer their membership to their loved ones within 48 hours from the time of making the first payment online. Member has to send an email request to [email protected]
  • Membership transfer subject to approval from the Management of In Shape Ladies Fitness Club.
  • Once a member has registered at the centre or started working out, no membership fee is refundable or transferable.

In case of cancellation of order, the refund would be processed within 2 working days:

If the payment was made by Credit Card or Net Banking, we shall reverse the credit or credit the net banking account of the customer. Refund can get delayed due to public holidays and weekends.


Monthly and Three months membership:

No refund will be given for the one month and three months memberships and your membership will still be valid until the last day of the term.

Cancellation of yearly membership:

You monthly fees for the one year membership are payable by direct debit. If you do decide to cancel your contract after your 12 month membership has expired please give us 30 days notice in writing or via email [email protected]

As soon as the membership has been cancelled the member shall obtain a confirmation in writing from the gym that the termination has been applied.

Otherwise monthly paid memberships are open ended, therefore we will continue to deduct membership dues until a request to cancel is received from the member. Monthly memberships do not automatically cancel after the initial minimum term indicated.

If you decide to cancel your contract within the first 12 months you will be assessed a AED 150 cancellation fee for each month that you held a membership with In Shape. For example, if you were a member for four months, your cancellation fee will be AED 600. Plus a 200 AED Cancellation processing fee