This unique personal program is for a woman who wants to exercise on her own time, with a results-driven workout plan that is designed specifically to address her personal goals without breaking the bank.


  • Step One
    Fitness Assessment
    An in-depth assessment that includes all aspects of your lifestyle, health and fitness experience.
  • Step Two
    Practical Fitness Assessment
    A practical training assessment to evaluate your current fitness level.
  • Step Three
    A Workout Plan & Nutrition Guidelines
    Your trainer will take all the relevant information gathered to custom make your workout plan and nutrition guideline.
  • Step Four
    One on One Personal Training
    During your training, you will learn how to read and execute your four-week workout plan with proper form, technique and load selection.
  • Step Five
    Your 4 Week Follow Up
    After FOUR weeks your trainer will conduct a follow-up assessment to track your progress, design your NEW workout plan and schedule your TRAINING Sessions.
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