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In Shape Ladies Fitness Club takes pride in being the fitness home for women of all ages, shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and goals. Super convenient to home and work, our friendly and welcoming staff gives you fitness, nutrition, and weight loss support in a fun, social and relaxed environment.

You feel it when you first walk in the door, this place is something special. We’ve been locally owned and operated for 10 years and have always been more than a gym. We are a club where women support women and get strong TOGETHER.

The best way to judge whether In Shape Ladies Fitness Club has the atmosphere, convenience and feel you want is to experience it.

Small Group Personal Training

Elevate your fitness routine in a fun and energetic group setting

One On One Personal Training

We know how to identify fitness needs and how to efficiently bring about the desired results and benefits.

FreeStyle Group Training

“Exciting! Fun! Unique” is the only way to describe our trendy women group fitness classes

VIP Membership

This membership is more than a membership to use the facility and group classes it is a training program that will result in a total body and lifestyle transformation

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Workout in a personal friendly atmosphere, and get the most from the latest fitness trends, group workouts and passionate dedicated support from our certified personal trainers. Your women gym membership includes everything you need to make a fitness lifestyle.

  • Helpful and supportive gym memberships
  • Fun and Exciting group classes
  • One on one personal training
  • Group personal training
  • Weight loss programs
  • Nutrition programs
Training goal selection
Achieve your goals with our dedicated and supportive staff
Personal diet planning
Lose the weight with diet plans that suits your lifestyle
Personal exercise planing
Let us help you to tone your body and look your best

Our trainers

laila lallas personal trainer
Laila Lallas
Elite Personal Trainer/Manager/Owner
Team member
Level 3 Personal Trainer/Group Trainer
Team member
Level 3 Personal Trainer/Group Trainer
Team member
Level 3 Personal Trainer/Group Trainer
My experience at the In Shape was a journey that began in 2013 and continues to this day. During this trip, I was a member of the VIP Program which gave me the opportunity to test my abilities to do the training under the supervision of excellent trainers and then to train individually at the times that suit me, with a training staff available all the time to help and motivate. The program of VIP offered by In shape is best for every working woman or mother who does not have time to perform her training programPlease add some review text in admin panel
My biggest frustrations were shame, guilt, no self-control, no will power and bad choices I made every single day! I hated social events and avoided them. I would come up with a pile of ( none realistic at least to me) excuses to avoid meeting new people or to be in crowded places! I would only go to certain places where I felt comfortable and not threatened seeking my own comfort zone! I started with in shape while having a lot of doubt in my ability to succeed. I thought that it will be my last resort before seeking other weight loss alternatives. I had my ups and downs but I was strongly motivated and encouraged by the team I worked with. With determination, belief and will power I did it, after all, weight loss is a long journey… This journey made me able to prioritize my goals in life; I accepted and embraced myself throughout this journey.

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Al Joud Building, Mezzanine 7 Sheikh Zayed Road
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Mon – Thurs: 7.30am-9pm, Friday: clossed,

Saturday Sunday: 7.30am-9pm

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