• Get In Great Shape
  • Maintain Your Muscles
  • Improve Your Energy
  • Improve Your Stamina
  • Stay Healthy
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Each Workout Includes

  1. A Choreographed Warm Up
  2. Three Weight Training Circuits
  3. Cooldown Stretch
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Hello Ladies,

Welcome to In Shape’s home training program. I have designed these workouts so that all you need initially is an exercise mat and a 1-3 sets of Dumbbells.

The workouts are divided into 3 circuits (A, B, C) and demonstrated in 3 separate videos. I have conducted each circuit 2 times. If you wish to complete 4 rounds please replay the video! Every workout starts with a separate (Warm-Up) video and there is a (Cool-Down Stretch) video as well.

I hope these workouts will keep you fit and healthy during these challenging times

Healthy Regards,

Laila Lallas

Important Notice: Theses videos has been made with your health and safety in mind. Please be sure you are in good physical health or seek medical advice before starting your physical exercise.

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Here are six benefits of a weight training program:

  1. Improved fat loss
  2. Enhance your mood and reduce stress
  3. Gain strength without bulking
  4. Reduce your risk of injury, back pain and arthritis
  5. Improve your athletic performance
  6. Reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes  Find out more …..
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