How to schedule home training

How to Work Out at Home

Stuck at home and can’t get to the gym, don’t worry! You can still have a great strength training home workout routine, even without access to fancy equipment.

Creating a Healthy Home Workout Routine

  1. Establish a regular workout schedule. It’s easier to stick to the workout process if you establish a consistent routine. Aim to do regular workouts at the same time each day throughout the week. That way, it will eventually become a habit for you.
  2. Aim to do at least 30 minutes of moderate cardio activity per week.
    It is recommended that most adults get about 30 minutes of moderate cardio 5 days out of the week.
  3. Do a strength training workout at least twice a week.
    Strength training is any exercise that uses resistance (such as weights, resistance bands, or your own body weight) to build your muscles. Incorporate In Shape Ladies Fitness Club home strengthening workout into your routine at least 2 days out of the week, the workout makes sure to focus on all your major muscle groups. Give yourself at least 1 day to rest and recover between each strength training workout. Otherwise, you might injure yourself
  4. Warm up and cool down at the beginning and end of each workout.
    Warming up and cooling down are important for preventing injuries and reducing strain on your heart.
  5. Incorporate stretches to help build flexibility.
    Stretching is a great way to limber up your muscles and joints and prevent stiffness and pain.
  6. Drink water to stay hydrated. It’s easy to become dehydrated when you exercise.
    A great time to drink some water is during a break in between exercise sets. Make sure to rehydrate by drinking some water after you exercise, too! You can also get fluids by drinking a nutritious shake or smoothie, eating some juicy fruits or vegetables, or having a bowl of soup.
  7. Choose a safe and comfortable space in your home for exercise.
    You don’t need a ton of space for a home workout, but you need enough room to move around without bumping into things and hurting yourself.
  8. Wear comfortable clothes that you can move in easily.
    What you wear can make a big difference in your comfort level while you exercise.