stay young and healthy



Aging Happens! It’s inevitable but avoidable…

Your definition or perception of aging from one person to another may differ. However, we all can agree, that things change within our bodies which isn’t usually for the best.

Do you want to lose energy, deal with the health risks, complications, and symptoms of chronic disease? Do you want to speed up your biological clock, deal with memory loss? Do you want to grab your back every time you bend over?  We all know that there are genetic and environmental factors that play a role, but most of the issues that accompany aging can be slowed and even reversed.

What’s AWESOME is that there is a SOLUTION.


Strength Training: Is the FOUNTAIN of YOUTH

Without a doubt, the most powerful tool we have at our fingertips in our fight with MUSCLE loss over time is strength training.  To age successfully we need to maintain our lean muscle and stay STRONG.  Strength training allows our bodies to rejuvenate and rebuild bigger and more powerful fast twitch muscle fibers.  What’s truly amazing is that this potential can be achieved with (30-60 minutes),  (2-3 times a week) of Strength Training.

 The impact of strength training on aging is measured in various ways:

  • Cellular health which is how scientists measure aging
  • Biomarker health which is how doctors monitor health
  • Functional health which is how aging makes us feel

Let’s see together how scientists measure aging….

Cellular health has been linked to mitochondrial health which the powerhouses of cells and telomere length which is chromosomal endcaps which can determine the lifespan of a cell.  Research has shown that mitochondria, the energy generating mechanisms in cells, increase energy production and reverse the genetic profile of our DNA with meaningful exercise and strength training.

Furthermore, telomere length determines the biological lifespan of an organism.  Telomeres split, shorten and weaken as we age.  Preventing telomere destruction can be managed with the production of telomerase. Telomerase is a byproduct of STRENGTH training.  ONE strength training workout will stimulate the production of telomerase while consistent exercise only serves to amplify the effect.

Let’s see how doctors monitor health…

Insulin Resistance is a major indicator of an aging body.  Which is due to a combination of excess carbohydrates and lack of meaningful exercise and strength training leading to an array of more ailments such as weight gain, high blood pressure, high triglycerides, high LDL and pre & Type II diabetes.

The GOOD news is that they are all reversible…

The powerful combination of whole food nutrition with strength training, insulin resistance can be reversed.  Strength training stimulates greater glucose metabolism during and right after a workout and triggers an adaptive response for more muscle and thus greater metabolic potential for the next workout which leads to improved insulin sensitivity due to the improvements in muscle strength.

Let’s see how aging makes us feel…

Aging and its affects influence the way we feel and think.   We get the slower, heavier and lazier.  Aching joints and brain fog could be small signs on the radar or a wake-up call.

We all know that ‘slowing down’ is part of life, but what many don’t understand is that there is a direct relationship between the slowing of our metabolism, loss of mental sharpness and mobility with the loss of muscle mass.

Since we start losing muscle mass in our 30’s, it accelerates over time if nothing is done about it.   Aging and inactivity are usually blamed. However, it’s the lack of deeper and more meaningful muscle fiber stimulation that is responsible for how we feel.   The most common reason connected to aging is the loss of lean muscle and strength which affects our metabolism, bones and mental ability.  In fact, greater muscle strength has been linked not only to reduced mortality, faster metabolisms and improved cognitive function.

Let’s see how STRENGTH TRAINING prevents AGING…

  • Strength training slows and reverses the aging process at the cellular and genetic level
  • Strength training increases your energy protects against the effects of Insulin Resistance which leads to chronic diseases
  • Strength training reduces mortality and improves brain function.

Wow, so it can reverse your biological age by 10 years, boost your energy levels, help you avoid aches and pains, and protect your brain and cognitive ability.

Let’s all AGREE that STRENGTH training is way to go….