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Every group class is an unforgettable experience that combines great music, amazing motivating instructors and a fabulous energy that keep the ladies coming back for more….

  • Body Shape-n-Tone
    Body Shape-n-Tone is a functional weight training toning class focusing on full body strength, cardio, and balance. You will squat, press, lift and curl with weights, bands, gliders, and barbells to sculpt your entire body and raise your heart rate to improve cardio conditioning too. There are many ways to modify the moves to accommodate any age or ability and people are encouraged to listen to their bodies, work hard, and have fun!
  • Kick HIIT
    Kick HIIT is a cardio workout where you are totally unleashed. This energetic fat burning class is inspired by martial arts which are packed with kicks, strikes, and punches performed to motivating music...
  • STEP Circuit
    STEP Circuit this super energizing highly recommended class is designed with a workout routine over and around the step coupled with cardio conditioning blocks to push your fat burning systems into high gear....
  • Box HIIT
    Box HIIT is a high-intensity boxing circuit session, where boxing combos are mixed with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) to deliver a serious, calorie smashing, adrenaline fuelled circuit.
  • C6
    C6 is the ultimate fat burning and conditioning workout. 6 Rounds, 6 Circuits, 6 Minutes each in 30 / 30 intervals...
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