Back On Track

Lost your way? Put on a little weight? Well, nobody is perfect and we all have days when we fall off the wagon, feel like giving up and need a helping hand.

"Back on Track" is the solution to your problem because this amazing THREE MONTH Personal Training program is designed to take you step by step through a progressive and intensive training program coupled with healthy eating habits to achieve your goals fast.

Women fast weight loss

Included in the "Back on Track" program:

  • An in depth "Get to Know You" Fitness Consultation & Assessment to determine your "Back on Track" customized workout plan.
  • A fat loss & lean muscle building nutrition plan that will guarantee you achieve the desired goals.
  • (3-4) Strength and Conditioning Personal Training Sessions / Week 
  • A "Bi-Weekly" Body Composition Analysis & Girth Measurements to document your progression.