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4 Key Tips on How to Get Motivated to Exercise!!


Women fast weight loss4 Key Tips on How to Get Motivated to Exercise!!

Your attitude and mindset will determine your success in training. No matter who you are, a positive mindset is crucial to being the best version of you.

Anything worth getting isn’t easy, and staying strong mentally will make or break you in training sessions and sticking to a solid nutrition plan as much as possible. Here are some tips that will help you ensure you have the best mind set possible to be successful with your goals!

#1 Remember: Perfection is an illusion

Perfection is not what counts in this game, consistency is! Being consistent is incredibly important, and doing your absolute best to be consistent with your diet and training as much as possible will bring you unbelievable changes in your physique and health.

✓ Focusing too much on getting things perfect is dangerous, it can leave you disheartened and even trigger binges due to that ‘what difference does it make now’ attitude many of us are guilty of from time to time.

 Move on and leave it in the past, what’s done is done and if you get back on the wagon it is a drop in the ocean in the grand scheme of things. The same applies to a skipped workout, don’t let one missed session turn into a week’s worth! Although it’s hard at the time, continue to practice letting go of small things – push yourself to get back on it, and you’ll thank yourself later!

#2 Keep going

They’re going to be plenty of ups and downs on your fitness journey – there’s no going around it.

✓ Keep a positive mental attitude and look into alternatives where possible: for example, if you’ve injured your arm, maybe you can just focus on leg training until it is healed. Take advice from a fitness coach/personal trainer about what you can train in the meantime! At times where you cannot train, nutrition becomes extra important.

✓ Try to your best ability to maintain a balanced diet and think of it as training your inner body whilst train is left aside remember you can always pick up where you left off once you are better and your injuries are healed!

#3 Remember: Progress is not linear

You’ll have great days where you can smash personal bests, but you will also have days where you are weak as a kitten. Even the strongest are weak at times! Does this mean you have lost power or muscle? Nope! But it may mean you are going to smash a personal best in your next workout instead.

Different things affect our performance in different ways, from mood to hydration levels to sleep levels and nutrition. Your body will not always perform to the high standard you expect of it and that’s ok; just accept not every workout has to be amazing to make a difference. It’s the mental aspects that you’ll benefit from – learning to push yourself.

 On a side note, if you notice a drop in strength for numerous consecutive workout sessions, maybe you do need to put your detective’s hat on to ensure you are meeting your body’s needs.

#4 Set long and short term goals

Having goals and knowing why you are doing what you are doing is critical to keeping you motivating. Goals need to be reevaluated frequently and be sure to acknowledge your successes as you reach personal goals.

It is human nature to focus on our failures not our victories and you will have to make a conscious effort to avoid this.

✓ Ensure you keep track of your measurements and strength achievements so that you can recognise when you make progress.

Set some solid goals within a realistic time frame to help keep your motivation levels strong!

Your mindset is key to reaching your goals, and putting some extra work into maintaining a positive one will help you to stay mentally strong and succeed on your fitness journey.

Not one person will ever be 100% motivated day in – day out.

We will always experience a lack of motivation from time to time – it’s about how you react to it that will count!