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Components Of Fitness

Fitness is a broad term that encompasses several different components, each of which contributes to overall health and well-being. The five main components of fitness are cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition. Cardiovascular endurance refers to the ability of the heart, lungs, and blood vessels to deliver oxygen and nutrients to […]

The four common fitness myths we need to clarify and put an end to

The four common women fitness myths we need to clarify and put an end to There are so many overstatements, assumptions, misinterpretations of evidence and science, and general “flabby facts” in women’s fitness. Specifically, fitness myths related to nutrition, exercise, and public health are many in the health and fitness industry. Consequently, as women personal […]


  5 HORMONES THAT ARE AFFECTED BY TRAINING… Hormones are one of your body’s main signaling systems. They are like tiny traffic cops: They direct biochemical messages that regulate everything from your sex drive to your metabolism, mood, sleep, and fertility. One natural way to help keep your hormones in balance, is through exercise—and it’s […]

Why can’t you lose weight?

The main reason for weight gain is consuming more calories than you should, coupled with a reduction in the exercise. Some people gain weight when they are eating and exercising the same as they always do. Let’s take a closer look at other reasons that affect weight. Are you getting enough sleep? Not sleeping and indulging […]